Ein Traditional, der seine Bekanntheit in Europa dem Folkie Derroll Adams († 2000) verdankt. Derrol Adams war maßgeblich am Folk-Revival der 60er Jahre beteiligt.


Way down in Columbus Georgia
Want to be back in Tennessee
Way down in Columbus stockade
My friends all turned their backs on me

Go and leave me if you wish to
Never let it cross your mind
In your heart you love another
Leave me, little darling, I don’t mind

Last night as I lay sleeping
I dreamt I held you in my arms
When I woke I was mistaken
I was peering through the bars

Go and leave me if you wish to...

Many a night with you I’ve rambled
Many an hour with you I’ve spent
Thought I had your heart forever
Now I find ‘t was only lent

Go and leave me if you wish to...